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Project Overview / ASAs

Welcome to Arcadian Tales, an AlgoNFT and Discord based roleplaying game. By zHamster#5137.

Discord: Arcadian Tales Server  |  Twitter: @Arcadian_Tales
Documentation: arcadiantales.gitbook (Detailed info / documentation.)

Arcadian Tales takes place on the wondrous continent of Arcadia. The gameplay is a unique take on text-based tabletop RPGs (read: DnD), with choices and dice rolls. Play with a custom Discord bot, or take part in community events -- and earn along the way!

Project Highlights:

  • Text-based RPG gameplay, with stats, choices, dice rolls, and a custom Discord Bot.

  • Earn ASA tokens ('Coupons' and 'Coins') with in-game utility through gameplay.

  • Community-wide role-playing events such as Boss Raids and Campaigns.

  • Collectible Card ASAs with gameplay bonuses, purchased with tokens or earned through events.

  • Customizable Protagonists with levels, classes, and arc69 suport.

  • Explore and travel through an in-game world with locations, lore, and secrets.

Many more gameplay features, NFTs, and events are pending. Join Discord to keep up to date!

Protagonist Gallery

Protagonist C-series

Required to play. Each unique 1/1 NFT functions as a character save file.
Each Protag is minted a-z (26 total copies for sale). View on NFT Explorer.

Collectible Cards

Give in-game bonuses based on their 'type'. (Collectibles currently grant no bonus.)

50%+ of mint quantity is reserved for P2E game currency. View on NFT Explorer.

Card Gallery
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