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Arcadian Lore

I. The World of Arcadia

The fantastical continent of Arcadia is divided into twelve nations and twelve races. The peoples are said to have migrated to the continent from the Far North at the dawn of history. Each race has its unique characteristics and culture.

II. The Adventurer's Guild

Our protagonists are members of the Adventurer's Guild, a collective of mercenaries, explorers, scholars... specialists and jacks-of-all-trades alike. The Guild is led by a capricious Tanuki Guildmaster and is based in Haven, the twelfth nation at the heart of Arcadia. (Its branches are scattered throughout the continent.)

The day-to-day life of an Adventurer involves traveling across the land, exploring ruins, fighting off bandits and giant beasts, searching for treasure, and taking on many odd jobs in between. Along the way, they slowly unravel the mysteries of Arcadia...

III. Creatures

The twelve races of Arcadia each borrow characteristics from animals that do not exist in Arcadia: Elves, Ancients, Beastkin (who are actually two races, Canine and Feline), Orcs, Draco, Halflings, Satyrs, Giants, Polywogs, Tanuki, and Humes. (Each race has a playable protagonist.)

Avians are commonplace instead, the most useful being the moa, an avian species that has been domesticated and bred as mounts, wagon-pullers, and pets.

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