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Idle game - NFT Grocery Store

How to Play: (Join the Discord Server)

(Testnet Beta v2.1) The NFT Grocery Store is a text-based Discord game where you can accumulate ASA/NFTs as you play. The basic unit of currency in this game is a (Coup🎫) which you can exchange for Groceries such as (Eure🍋) or (Swee🍉). At the end of every day, the game rolls a d6 for you - with a “6”, you win (Coup🎫)s proportional to the Groceries you own!. Then you can use them to buy more Groceries or trade for NFTs by other artists! 

NEW Players get 1 (Eure🍋) sent to you on discord after you complete this form to start the game with your save file:


Physical Keychains!

Limited Run Sweet Watermelons.jpg
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