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Gameplay Guide

I. Overview

All gameplay takes place on Discord (official server) with the custom Arcadian Bot. A unique Protagonist NFT is required to play, functioning as your character save file.

The game is a text-based role-playing game, similar in mechanics to DnD (with stats, choices, and d20 dice rolls). Players can go on daily Solo Expeditions or participate on community events such as Boss Raids and Campaigns.



II. Protagonists

Protagonists (or "protags") are playable characters in the Arcadian world. There are 12 unique races with their own characteristics and base stats (see the C-Series Gallery). All protags are created equal, so choose your favorite to play.

  • Only one is required to play, but each protag has a separate cooldown for Solo Expeditions, allowing for more adventuring!

  • Protags are customizable! They can currently be named.

  • They earn XP and level up through gameplay (such as Solo Expeditions), unlocking classes and bonus stats.

  • These traits will have arc69 support, so their customization and progress can be viewed on-chain!

Arcadian Tales features a total of seven stats, based loosely on the DnD 5e system. Protags have base stats depending on their race, and can increase stats with equipment and, in the future, leveling.

  1. Strength

  2. Endurance

  3. Dexterity

  4. Wisdom

  5. Intelligence

  6. Charisma

  7. Luck








Physical strength.    E.g. lifting, breaking, melee attacking

Stamina and fortitude.   E.g. defending, recovering

Agility and reflexes.    E.g. stealth, running, dodging

Perception and discernment.   E.g. detecting, searching

IQ and knowledge.    E.g. magic, linguistics, science

Communication and influence.    E.g. persuading, performing

Pure luck.    E.g. rolling dice, praying for a miracle

Collectible Cards

III. Collectible Cards

Collectible Cards are a collection of ASAs (on NFT Explorer) that add to the gameplay experience. They come with types and rarities and can be earned through gameplay or bought in the Discord Coin Shop using game currency!

Currently, the possible rarities are Common, Rare, Legendary, and Set Bonus. Each type has a different function. (Special commemorative Cards for Campaigns are also in the works.)

Game Currency

Arcadian Gold Coins (ARC) are earned through gameplay.

They are exchangeable for any Arcadian ASA, including Protagonists and Cards.

Some are ARC-exclusive!

Accessory [E]

Accessories can be equipped to a protag using the Arcadian Bot for stat bonuses.

Each protag has two equip slots in total. A card can only be equipped once at a time.

Companion [E]

Functionally the same as Accessories, Companions can be equipped for bonuses, and take up one equip slot.

However, they are cuter.

Artifact [A]

Artifacts provide passive stat bonuses to all owned protags.

They also do not take up an equip slot. This comes at the cost of increased rarity.

Collectible [C]

Cards that currently have no gameplay function, but are purely collectible and provide some Arcadian lore.

They may have some other function in the future. (TBD)

Set Bonus

A special rarity, earned by collecting a full 'set' of Cards.

These are even more limited in number, and are only given to the first full-set collectors.

Character Classes

IV. Character Classes

Every Protagonist starts out as a Novice Adventurer. At every tenth level, they will unlock new Character Classes which grant unique stat bonuses in the Arcadian Bot.

At level 10, all Protags gain +1 LCK, but afterward must choose between different stat bonuses. Each class will have different attack names (for flavor). Note that, once a class for that tier is chosen, it cannot be changed again in the bot. Any further class changes must be done through the admin.

After level 30, the class tree stops branching, but there is something beyond the limit, waiting to be discovered.

Arcadian Bot

V. Arcadian Bot

The custom Discord Bot which interfaces with the Algorand Blockchain, runs Solo Expeditions, and distributes rewards! See the Discord guide or use `!help` to get a full list of commands.

Displays owned Protagonist and Card ASAs

And even equipment types and statuses!

Runs daily and weekly adventures

With some rewards sent directly to your Wallet

Key Commands:

  • !setaddress, !setdefault - Set Algorand wallet address and default Protagonist

  • !party, !protag, !rename - View owned Protagonists, status window, and customize name

  • !inventory, !equip, !unequip - View owned Cards and manage equipment

  • !solo, !weekly, !wander - Play and roll for rewards, XP, and fun.

  • !travel, !location, !destinations - Explore the in-game world of Arcadia.

  • !help <command> - Get information on usage for any command.

(The Arcadian Bot is also fully portable -- message zHamster#5137 if you are interested in adding the bot to your server!)

Solo Expeditions

V. Solo Expeditions

Solo Expeditions are the bread and butter of Arcadian Tales: daily 1-minute adventures run by the Arcadian Bot, with 10+ different scenarios, 3 choices per scenario, and 3-4 outcomes per choice -- for a total of 100+ uniquely written endings!

Once the player calls the command `!solo`, they will be guided through a series of choices, leading to a dice roll to determine the outcome. Depending on the outcome, the player can win NFT Grocery Store Coupons 🎫 or Golden Coins!

The strategies run deeper. The protag's

stats add bonuses to each roll. Each race

also has a unique bonus ending -- with

extra rewards! Even the direction that you

choose affects what scenarios you will get.

See what secrets you can uncover...

The cooldown resets daily at 12AM EST.


VI. Exploration

The world of Arcadia can be explored in-bot with locations and travel mechanics. The most up-to-date map can be viewed under Arcadian Lore. Each location has its own lore and aesthetic, and different scenario text that will come up when `!wander`-ing around. Later, they will have exclusive commands, quests, and random events.

The player can travel from one location to another using `!travel`, with different travel times and requirements for each location. The bot can also list locations and travel times with commands such as `!atlas`, `!location, `!destinations`, and `!tripplan`.

VII. Campaigns


The "story mode" of Arcadian Tales, which takes place exclusively in the official Discord server. The Campaigns will be split into Chapters and run as week-long, cooperative role-playing events. Gameplay happens asynchronously over the course of each day: making choices, rolling for combat, and even puzzles. In the end, they will form a continuous narrative.

Rewards include Golden Coins, Card ASAs, and Campaign-exclusive collectible cards. These are distributed at the end of the event based on each player's contribution.

These are in addition to other community game events, such as Boss Raids, Quests, and Faction Wars (TBA).

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