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NFT Grocery Store Idle Game


You can now buy Grocery ASAs with the Grocery Bot on Discord!
Use g$buy in the server to get started. For example:
g$buy lemon 1 (creates a swap link to get 1 lemon with 10🎫 +0.4A)
g$buy melon 1 (creates a swap link to get 1 melon 100🎫 +0.4A)
g$buy avocado 1 (creates a swap link to get 1 avocado with 1000🎫 +0.4A)

You can also buy multiples at a time by changing the number!

+1 (Coup🎫) to g$pavdrop

+11 (Coup🎫) to g$pavdrop

+121 (Coup🎫) to g$pavdrop

How to Play

The Grocery Store Game is a text-based Discord game where you can earn ASA and NFTs as you play. The basic unit of currency is a Coup🎫 (ID: 281003266) which you can exchange for Grocery ASAs that earn you more Coup🎫 or use to bid on or trade for ASAs or NFTs from other players!

Join a server where the Grocery Bot is active and use g$start to get started
Grocery Store Game:

Algonauts Official:

Alchemon NFT's:

Grocery Store Game Pitch Deck on Algorand (2).png
Grocery Store Game Pitch Deck on Algorand (4).png
Grocery Store Game Pitch Deck on Algorand (1).png
Grocery Store Game Pitch Deck on Algorand (6).png


All sales final. Refunds on a case-by-case basis. I withhold the right to refuse a refund for any reason. Any purchase of assets from “u/AlgoChainNFT,” “(AC)AlgoChainNFT#6498”,  “NFT Grocery Store”, or “AlgoNFT Gameroom” is a PURCHASE, NOT an INVESTMENT. There is no fundamental reason these assets should appreciate in value. There is no interest/equity ownership owed to the buyer of these assets. All assets are simply art or game pieces — any appreciation in said assets are due to market forces outside the Creator’s control.

Purchase these assets at your own risk. I reserve the right to stop producing the assets or running the games associated with the assets at any time. There is a risk that the Algorand Blockchain will not exist in the future. There is a risk that the image hosting websites will shut down and links become inoperable. All risk is assumed by the BUYER of the assets.

Games run by AlgoChainNFT” are amateur-made and always a “Work-in-Progress” – changes may occur at any moment and games may cease to be operated at any moment. All art is guaranteed original or qualified under fair-use through copyright waiver and transformation.

Physical Keychains!
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