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Grocery Store Coupon (Coup🎫)

October 2021:

  • Transition to a community-based leadership team.

  • Continue with newcomer and old-timer artist collaborations.

  • Improved ease of access of including new ASAs to be included into the game that can drop Coupons by integrating .csv data imports.


November 2021

  • Increase social media exposure (Twitter) and networking.

  • Improve branding and publicity to grow the player base.

  • Deploy the Discord Bot game into more servers (both Algorand discord communities and non-crypto-focused gaming communities).

December 2021

  • Interactive browser games that use Game ASAs.

  • New marketplace UI (not based in discord) for scalability and better user experience.

Early 2022

  • Connect to the Algorand Foundation to help with promotion.

  • Remake game mechanics within a browser game UI.

  • Implement Coupon (game currency) storefronts where users can list other ASAs for sale, purchasable with Coupons.

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