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3D CAD Work and NFTs built on Algorand!

Featured Collab:
AlgoChain x Crypto Squirrel Association


All sales final. Refunds on a case-by-case basis. I withhold the right to refuse a refund for any reason. Any purchase of assets from “u/AlgoChainNFT,” “(AC)AlgoChainNFT#6498”,  “NFT Grocery Store”, or “AlgoNFT Gameroom” is a PURCHASE, NOT an INVESTMENT. There is no fundamental reason these assets should appreciate in value. There is no interest/equity ownership owed to the buyer of these assets. All assets are simply art or game pieces — any appreciation in said assets are due to market forces outside the Creator’s control.

Purchase these assets at your own risk. I reserve the right to stop producing the assets or running the games associated with the assets at any time. There is a risk that the Algorand Blockchain will not exist in the future. There is a risk that the image hosting websites will shut down and links become inoperable. All risk is assumed by the BUYER of the assets.

Games run by AlgoChainNFT” are amateur-made and always a “Work-in-Progress” – changes may occur at any moment and games may cease to be operated at any moment. All art is guaranteed original or qualified under fair-use through copyright waiver and transformation.

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