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Lemon Legion

You can check the remaining LL in the shuffle by clicking to check this wallet here


Lemon Legion (LL) is an NFT series that is a spinoff from the Grocery Store Game! LLs are minted in multiples (i.e. 1/25, 1/75, 1/200). Lemon Legion NFTs can be acquired via purchase in the above Instant Shuffle, our AlgoxNFT Store, or in the GSG discord bot game. Holders of Lemon Legions will also be eligible for giveaways and coupon drops if they are in the GSG discord serverLemons must be held in the wallet during giveaways to be eligible.

LL ASAs and their GSG Coupon pavdrop: List of Unique LL - Google Sheets 

There is also an automatic staking bonus sent out every Friday (details below).


Lemon Legion store:

LL staking.png


Biweekly LL Key airdrop to holder roles


LL-Keys are used alongside GSG Coupons to exchange for exclusive LL NFTs in the GSG discord bot game (the g$buy command). You can get them from giveaways, shuffles, or airdrops.

The airdrop script will check who has opted into LL-Key 625445476, and drop Keys according to the # of unique lemons held by that wallet. @LL(10) with 10 unique LLs gets 1 Key every two weeks @LL(20) with 20 unique LLs gets 2 Key every two weeks @LL(30) with 30 unique LLs gets 3 Keys every two weeks.

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