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Project Eclipse
(Art by Fable, 3D Design by AC)


How to Play: (Join the Discord Server)

Project Eclipse is a 5v5 Faction War game based in my discord server.

Rules: Each round is played by 5v5 elimination between Project Users, players who hold an active Project NFT. Defeated Project NFTs are deactivated, and next round, Project NFT the +1th will be issued. Inactive NFTs do not change ownership, but they will no longer be used for the game unless reactivated.

Gameplay: Project Users decide how their battle is played. They can create their own game, or ask a gamemaster of the Lumesol to create a game for them. If a Project User has gone AWOL, their Project NFT will be deactivated.

Eclipse Shards will be distributed at the end of each round for each other Project User a player defeats, with a +1 bonus for the winning side. 10 Eclipse Shards will reactivate an inactive Project.

The 10 Projects

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